Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★½

I didn't understand any character in this film at all, like all of them were praising this idea: "…the Cis Hetero Men Championing Female Identifying Students League"

I was genuinely shocked at how unrealistic this film was. Even though it has some truly unexpected moments - it definitely offers a few surprises -, the majority of it feels quite formulaic, cheesy and predictable. It's just full of clichés and scattered ideas that don't really add anything to the plot. Regardless, I have to say that I had some fun with this film, and I kind of enjoyed Mendes-Hawke character's dynamic, and its take on narcissistic selfish people and seeking revenge being counterproductive. However, I can't forgive this film for how absurd, exaggerated, contrived, contradictory, inconsistent, messy and nonsensical it is. It may be intentional, but I just don't see the appeal.

As a side note, I just want to express how happy I am to see the iconic Sarah Michelle Gellar in a new film. She's just a Goddess. I want to see her in more films from now on, hopefully some lead roles.

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