Knock at the Cabin

Knock at the Cabin ★★★

This film was actually a pleasant surprise. I never know what to expect from Shyamalan, he's always a hit or miss for me. I love some of his films, but at the same time, I hate some of his films. Knock at the Cabin is definitely his best since Split. At the beginning it sort of struggles to move forward, to get to the point, and it can be a bit exasperating since we don't know anything about what's going on, we are just extremely confused; however, the information we crave for is slowly revealing itself and everything becomes even more perplexing yet more and more intriguing. It does an excellent job at building tension in certain scenes, and I like how it plays with your expectations. I'm not saying it's hard to predict how everything would play out, but at least, it makes you doubt, even though it all leads to a somewhat disappointing resolution. Throughout the film, there are some clever moments as well as some clumsy moments. I think it goes on for too long, considering what it ends up being. It's certainly an exercise in tension and psychological intimidation, featuring some strong performances. I just wish its themes and characters were explored even further. It could've been so much better than it is, but I appreciate the atmosphere of tension they managed to create.


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