Lamb ★★★★

The cinematography is gorgeous. Those beautiful shots of Iceland's landscape along with Ada's sweetness and adorability, are worth the price of admission alone.

This is truly an original film, I'd never seen something like this before.

The consequences of defying the will of nature.

I love the message this film delivers and it does it in such a terrifying way. The film is so eerie and atmospheric. It's like a really dark folktale that explores these themes of grief and unfulfilling but also touching on the connection between humanity and nature. It focuses not only on humans but also on every other animal; the dog, the cat, the sheep, the lambs... every animal is very expressive, which is really interesting. It shows that we all are part of nature and should be somehow "equal" among species and live together in harmony, so we shouldn't cause any harm to each other.

I wish they went even deeper into these themes. In the end, I just wanted a bit more. I feel like they could've gotten more out of it.

Overall, this is a fascinating experience that eventually will not enchant every viewer but the ones who stay with it will be more than astounded by it. Definitely worth watching!

EDIT [April 12, 2022]: On a rewatch, I enjoyed it even more than the first time I watched it. It is slow moving and, I know that always turn some people off, but, the pacing and the way it moves, are all part of its charm and beauty and, storywise, it kind of makes sense. Before Ada, their lives were monotonous and empty, but, after they brought Ada into their lives, things starting getting a bit more joyous. At first, they were emotionally distant, but, with all the happiness Ada brought to their lives, they even get to kiss and have sex again. Ada was what they were lacking to be able to be happy.

It poses some interesting questions about the way we act as human beings and, how we take advantage of helpless creatures to fulfill our needs. It's easy for a human to lift up a shotgun, aim and shoot a helpless animal, BUT, what if that helpless animal could do the same to you?

Another reason why I love this film is that it really made an impact on me. This is one of those films I just couldn't stop thinking about long after I watched them. It kept haunting me for a long time, that's why, I initially brought my rating up from 7/10 to 8/10, because not every film leaves that mark on you. I'm glad I did, because it truly deserves at least an 8/10 on my behalf. Original, unsettling, absorbing and unpredictable.

Thanks for reading!

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