Midsommar ★★★★★

This has to be the best film of 2019, I can’t think of anything more inventive than MIDSOMMAR. Watching this was like an out of body experience. I felt like I was a part of this, I was in this hypnotic state of living through this insane festival of craziness. Ari Aster has definitely made something beautiful yet dark and disturbing with MIDSOMMAR. 

I don’t think anyone is going to believe how insane this film is until they go see it themselves. Ari Aster’s level of creativity is on a whole new level. This is essentially a breakup movie, I mean there’s more to it than that but that is basically what this is. This is the best breakup movie I have ever seen. There is so much to unpack, I can’t wait to watch an endless amount of times. 

Florence Pugh deserves so much. This young lady has one of the best performances of 2019 ever. She brings it, she brings so much to the table here, she is the table. Florence Pugh has to do a lot in this film, her character is very emotionally charged with all the events that occur here. I’ve seen Pugh in a few things before this, but I’ve never seen her the way she is in MIDSOMMAR. A graceful and impactful performance that I will never forget and will go down as 2019’s very best. 

Oh man, Ari Aster is a genius and a mastermind. Everyone talks about Jordan Peele, and I love Jordan Peele. But just like Peele’s US, MIDSOMMAR is Aster’s second feature film. Ari Aster runs circle around the audience here, he gives us something to remember and never forget. Aster is able to create beautiful imagery and symbolism in every frame. You can definitely pause on every frame and find something in it. I’m a very big fan of Ari Aster’s directing and writing. His directing here left me breathless, there are so many shots that made me lose my mind. You can also see where he got a lot of inspiration from. Aster is a masterful director and writer. 

The more I think about MIDSOMMAR, the more I end up loving it. I love how this isn’t your average horror film. This is a symbolic and hypnotic film that will definitely trip some people out in some scenes. It’s a mellow ease into this very disturbing festival, that’s what I like about. It takes its sweet time to amp it all up. There are definitely a ton of clues on how this is going to end, literally written on walls.

The final act of this is batshit crazy. I’ve never been so excited and stressed out and disturbed as I have this film. I thought HEREDITARY’s final moments were terrifying, no, MIDSOMMAR definitely wins the contest on best final act. I’m still trying to process it, it’s very complex and large scale. I’ve never been more mesmerized in my entire life. 

Overall, yes GO WATCH MIDSOMMAR. It is one hundred percent the best film of 2019. It is a very widely immersive film that will take your breath away. And not everyone is going to love this, some people will walk away saying no. Ari Aster has completely sold me on being a fan of his. I cannot wait to see what he does next. MIDSOMMAR is incredible and it is a moviegoing experience I’ll never forget.

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