Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

I’ve heard about this film for so many years. To finally have seen this feels like a privilege. David Lynch’s MULHOLLAND DRIVE is a different type of Hollywood film. It is a film that explores the deepest depths of the subconscious. This is a masterful film, honestly blew my mind away. 

Naomi Watts comes onto the scene and gives such a breathtaking performance. Much like what Sheryl Lee did with Sarah Palmer, Watts brings the power with Betty/Diane. An unforgettable performance, probably the best I have ever seen her. From beginning to end, Watts demands the audience’s attention with a riveting performance. 

David Lynch’s style is the most unique in all of cinema. You see a Lynch film without knowing it is one and you can immediately guess who directed it. MULHOLLAND DRIVE brings everything Lynch has ever accomplished in his career and brings it together in this spellbound masterpiece. 

Each scene is incredibly well directed. You are given clues and symbols to what exactly is happening in the film. When we find out this whole story is this false dream, it really hit me hard. There are a handful of scenes I have admired a lot the more I think of them. 

I’ve been studying David Lynch for the past month or two. He is a master, no doubt about it. MULHOLLAND DRIVE feels like his biggest film ever. He fully realizes himself and sinks his teeth into our necks. This film is brilliant. A wild acid trip of a roller coaster ride. Just so fascinating. 

Overall, MULHOLLAND DRIVE is David Lynch at the top of his game. The guy really just proves that a filmmaker’s creative freedom is the utmost important thing of cinema. I can’t wait to rewatch this film and study every little detail.