Old ★★★★★

M. Night Shyamalan strikes again! He expertly crafts a thriller experience unlike any other. He puts us on the beach with these characters and lets us see their whole lives flash before their and our eyes. This one was wild…wildly beautiful film about life, about getting old, about what it feels like to look back when you’ve rarely lived. I loved every second of this film. 

M. Night’s use of the camera is like icing on the cake. It’s a character of its own in a way. Whenever he’s close up on a character I felt like there was a lot telling us, he does a lot of cool stuff with the camera in this film to dive deep into his characters.  And even set the tone, he’s crazy good at making you feel uncomfortable when he wants and he’s good at making you feel safe as well. M. Night is a master class guy. 

The writing is superb too. This is a screenplay I need to get my hands on to read right away. There is a certain element in M. Night’s writing which is really hard to replicate. It’s his way of creating these crazy situations and churning every once of juice out his characters. It becomes less about the overall plot and more about the characters. His films are incredible character studies and they are brilliantly written. OLD has loads of that good writing. 

The performances were fantastic. While I think the obvious star of this film was Vicky Krieps, I really think the younger cast members are the ones who stole the show. Particularly Alex Wolff and Thomasin McKenzie, holy smokes were they incredible. I look forward to seeing more of their work, amazing actors who really have a lot of talent. 

There’s not enough to say about OLD. I have seen some mixed reviews and reactions to the film and I really think the negative side of reviews are an overreaction. But hey, we all have different tastes. I happen to really love M. Night’s work, OLD is one of his best works. I can already feel it fading into one of those underrated gems categories. This is such a beautiful film and I found it to be very wonderful. A truly mesmerizing experience. 

Overall, don’t miss this film. Experience this film in the cinema too because the sound and the large picture really brings a new level of experience to the story and direction. M. Night Shyamalan is a master class director and writer, I am very honored to have viewed this film. This is definitely in my top 3 ranking for M. Night, not even kidding, this one was breathtaking.

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