The Report ★½

THE REPORT is a film I expected to be intriguing and captivate me in some way. Unfortunately, it falls flat before the halfway mark and becomes a bore. I do adore Adam Driver and the powerhouse of his acting. Truly made this film better.  

I usually enjoy films like these. The ones that take us behind the scenes and give us a deep dive look at the government’s dirty secrets. For example, I really loved 2018’s VICE. I think the only reason I didn’t enjoy this film is because the writing didn’t seem to be that great. This is a film with a lot of dialogue, yet the dialogue is not very interesting. Halfway into a conversation, I would lose interest and not care about the matter at hand. 

The best part of the film is Adam Driver. He is the reason why this poorly written script is elevated. Every scene Driver is in, he has this influence on me that I cannot look away. He’s so good and so fluent with his delivery, it is powerful. Adam Driver is Hollywood’s powerhouse. 

Also, the directing isn’t very interesting. It looks like every other political drama made. It’s dark, it’s got intense music, and it has terrible close ups of the characters speaking. It’s not very creative at all, I think that’s another reason why I dozed off most of the time. There wasn’t anything unique done to make this film. It’s mostly just sitting and talking, then even more talking. I get there’s gonna be a lot of dialogue in a political drama, but at least make it interesting. Don’t make it feel tedious, then I’m just gonna doze off and not care. 

Overall, I didn’t like this. I thought I would, but the only thing to like I Adam Driver. And he tries really hard to sell a fantastic performance and make this film look good. If they had a tighter script, a better director, well then I think this would’ve been good. I am just disappointed.

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