Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★★★★

What a picture! The Safdie Bros return with another fantastic piece of cinema. They don’t just take our breath away, they absolutely destroy us in this film. It’s so riveting, so intense, and it’s all so epic. 

I’ve always been behind Adam Sandler, the guy is the most underrated actor ever. He is often overlooked and he really shouldn’t be. The Sandman is phenomenal in UNCUT GEMS. He gives such a jaw dropping and all out powerful performance, it is unforgettable. Sandler came onto set with every intention to blow audiences minds. There are simple scenes of him just talking or yelling, they are so mesmerizing! Adam Sandler is a God-tier performer!

One of my favorite things about this film is how every single scene packs a powerful punch. There are some of the most simplistic scenes, but they don’t feel simple. There’s a lot going on everywhere. It’s intense in ways I honestly can’t explain. A scene with Adam Sandler arguing over the phone while walking through the streets of New York City, feels like the most intense argument you have ever seen in your entire life. 

I think the sound mixing and music is the key to the reason why this film is extremely powerful. There aren’t ever any quiet moments, it’s all loud, this is a very loud film. And it moves very fast. There are a lot of scenes with people trying to talk over each other and yelling, it is beautifully mixed together. I’m telling you, the sound of this film is epic.

Then there’s the intense music. Daniel Lopatin creates some very beautiful music here. There are moments where the music elevated a scene so high, I nearly jumped out of my seat. It’s exciting stuff. It’s a very beautiful soundtrack, brilliantly put together and placed into the film. 

The Safdie Bros wasted no time in becoming some of my favorite directors ever. This is a beautifully put together film, you can really tell the Safdie’s had a great passion in working on this film. I loved GOOD TIMES, I love how the Safdie’s aren’t afraid to slow down, they are always moving and never slow down. UNCUT GEMS moves incredibly fast, you never have time to dwell on some scenes and I believe that’s a good thing. We are living a few days alongside Howard, the guy is always on the move, ready for the next move. He goes on from one thing onto the next in very little time. I adore this fast paced nature, it makes it feel real and it makes it feel like there are huge stakes on the line. 

This film shook me up. As soon as it starts, it is a mesmerizing experience. It doesn’t let up for a single second. Never becoming tiresome, ever. The sequence at the end of the film is one of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen. The third act is one of many unforgettable things about this film. It revolves around a basketball game, it goes back and forth between characters, the stakes are the highest they’ve ever been. I mean this film is shockingly epic, my heart was racing like crazy. I love films like this and I am excited to see what the Safdie Bros do next. 

Don’t sleep on this film, don’t miss out on it. UNCUT GEMS is a powerful and mesmerizing experience. You will not come out the same, you will come out changed. Also, Adam Sandler is the best actor of 2019. The guy is insane in this film, I’ve never seen him like this before. He feels like a total God in this film. I’ve always supported Sandler and it has finally paid off. I love this film, everything about this is perfect. It’s perfection. UNCUT GEMS is masterfully put together. What a picture!

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