Nope ★★★★★

“What's a bad miracle?”

It felt like watching Jordan Peele reinvent the wheel with how unpredictable this masterpiece was. Throughout the whole watch I was on my heels, unsettled yet amazed seeing the beauty of this film’s cinematography (how could such an empty plot of land look that great?) or how much you can sit there and think at the film’s end. The way this story’s told through chapters (of horses), along with this one specific moment that continued to give more context throughout, and imagery that managed to find its way back, were just sprinkles on top of one of the best theater-experiences you can get this year, and maybe even the first half of the decade.

“This dream you're chasing... where you end up at the top of the mountain... it's the one you never wake up from.”

Lastly, forgot to mention that Oppenheimer trailer that gets shown off even after Nicole Kidman for all screenings of this film it seems. The idea of a real-time trailer, even if it’s mostly a tease, was awesome and as people mentioned probably the first to exist. Had to be for a Nolan movie.

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