Moonlight ★★★★★

In the many things that have been said of Nate Parker. There was one quote by him,  from three years ago that stuck with me while watching Moonlight. 

"to preserve the black man… you will never see me take a gay role...I refuse to allow any piece of work to emasculate me for very specific reasons.

Why it stuck with me is that his movie THE BIRTH OF A NATION played the night before, in the same theatre I was in. And it was so unfortunate that someone so naive on the concepts of "masculinity" can go on record to say that gay men aren't men. 

Nate Parker should watch Moonlight, the whole country should watch Moonlight. 

Because this is 2016, men aren't log cutters who hunt in packs. We've grown to the point, where men aren't allowed to hide their biases under the blanket of bravado. 

Barry Jenkin's' masterpiece of the 21st century male, is about the state of a country's stance on identification.  Identification that isn't bounded by even the ones Jenkins' protagonist was born with. A boy whose bloody grip on the thorns of virility, is made more riveting by the crucial drops of nectar that is love. This is a masterclass on perspective, told with a dizzying camera and ethereal aesthetic. I'll have longer thoughts when I watch it again, but let me just say. 

This is the movie of the year. 

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