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  • Booksmart



    So today I finished my classes of high school for my entire life. And I promised at the start of this year that as soon as I graduate I'll watch this. I technically graduate on the 25th of June but today was my last day of normal classes so it counts. And it feels weird. After 14 years of my life in school, I can definitely appreciate all of it. I thank my friends and my teachers for the wonderful…

  • Moffie



    COVID-19. Self-quarantine movie watch #349.

    I have to be honest when I say that there was a time that I did want to join the Colombian army. It felt like something good would come out from the experience and I would learn a lot of stuff about discipline, organization, and in the end, I would have an awesome experience. But I never considered how mentally stressful it would be for me to be in a constant 12 months strict periods…

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  • Tom & Jerry

    Tom & Jerry


    Y'know all of these people flexing they watched Cherry (2021) early, but none of them can say they watched Tom & Jerry (2021) early so beat that. 😏

  • Straight Up

    Straight Up


    COVID-19. Self-quarantine movie watch #147.

    I think the cleverness and the charismatic energy of the movie not only comes from the extraordinary script but also with the great acting and amazing chemistry of James Sweeney and Katie Findlay, which is heavily supported by James directing. It reminds me a lot like Xavier Dolan when he makes his movies and sometimes he interprets his character with his vision and perspective from it. And this is what makes Straight Up so great!…