Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★½

COVID-19. Self-quarantine movie watch #367.

What makes this movie wonderful is how personal the movie feels. I've heard of stories like this before and they are all kinda sad but the overall impact of these stories is something that transcends and touches hearts. Even if I was engaged in the story, these types of stories are just not for me, or at least this one wasn't. It is probably because I can't relate to Frances, although I can still care for here. And I can still appreciate what the movie is trying to say and the overall message of being in a midlife crisis. It was a good movie! Thanks for the recommendation!

I've avoided this movie for a while and it was mostly because this is one of my sister's all-time favorites, and that this is also my other sister's all-time worst. So I'm here being like: O_o

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