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  • Happy Together
  • The Holy Girl
  • Je, tu, il, elle
  • The Untamed

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  • Fear Street: 1994


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  • Japón



    “Hay que saber tirar lo que ya no sirve.”

    La luz es cada vez más brillante, hasta volverse cegadora. La soledad me abruma y me come y me aplasta hasta convertirme en el animal más débil de la Tierra. Llegué solo. Me voy solo. Y entonces tomo refugio dentro de mí. Pero no me alcanza. Y al final, nada más queda la nada.

  • Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    “It’s trash, low-bro horror.”

    Better at paying homage to classics, than it is at developing actual terror that’s not dependent on jump scares. The 90s setting sucks and the movie has like four endings. But I’m not that hard to please, and I got to see someone’s head being shoved into a bread slicer. So yeah it’s fun, just not pulpy enough for my taste.

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  • Videodrome



    “Your reality is already half video hallucination.”

    Cronenberg warned us all.

    Long live the new flesh.

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    “The road home isn’t very long and I know I’ll be getting off soon. But at this moment I’m feeling such lovely warm.”

    Fortunate enough to finally see this on the big screen, and with one of my favorite people.

    Kar-wai’s funniest, but also—even if sometimes hard to see through the dizzy kinetics and dispersed time-space—the saddest.

    Swerving interconnected lost souls inside of the same neon lonely microcosm. Strayed love and uncertainty. Castaways of fate. What to make out of life? I don’t know, I just put it on my vhs player and play it on repeat.