Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★½

Finally, a movie about how insufferable terminally online horny leftist Gen Z/Millennial cusps are! It's the representation I've been craving. I've been to parties like this, we're really that bad!

In all seriousness though, I was really impressed by this. I was expecting a silly slasher but I ended up getting an intense whodunnit that really ratchets up the tension. It's still laugh out loud funny and has some really well executed bits of dark comedy, but every act of violence has serious emotional weight to it and the stakes always feel high. If you go into this expecting a slasher, you're gonna be disappointed.

All of the characters are the perfect blend of likeable and insufferably annoying that makes them all feel like real people, even when they kinda seem like caricatures.

The performances are all great across the board (even Pete), Halina Reijin's directing is a blast to watch with how frantic it is, and Sarah DeLappe's script is wonderful (theatre people stay winning), weaving in a thematic throughline about trust and honesty that actually felt really insightful.

Many thanks to the good people at A24 and the Alamo Drafthouse for the promotional Bodies Bodies Bodies branded glowsticks and Like a G6-scored preshow. Now that's how you sell a movie!

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