Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★

I’m Thinking Of Ending Things: for me a slightly cleaner directorial effort of similar ideas from Charlie Kaufman, and also how I now feel after watching Synechdoche New York.

This was a film that throughout it I was never 100% sure how to feel on, it’s not exactly one that you enjoy watching. But my god that ending has not left my mind since the moment it finished and on thinking about it a lot I’ve decided that this is a really fucking good movie. Challenging, abstract and so so miserable, it very much isn’t a film for everyone but it’s one that made me feel a lot of things and left me thinking and reflecting long after the credits had rolled.

Can someone PLEASE just give Charlie Kaufman a big hug though. Like seriously the man deserves it and he clearly could use it.

Watched for the first time in 2021

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