The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

So this movie was a fucking slog to get through at points. Mostly in a good way though, the brutal, nihilistic nature of the film filled it with a real sense of misery throughout. Basically nothing good happens here and most of the characters are morally grey at best and downright evil at worst, so don’t go into this expecting a good time because it will beat you down and leave you with a real sour taste in your mouth.

My main issue here I think was the pacing, this movie was pretty long and it felt it. There were a lot of interweaving storylines and timelines going on here and while they tied together in a mostly satisfying way I still feel the script could have been tightened up a little bit.

The main thing that kept me engaged during these stretches was the performances, the main draw of this was the stellar cast and boy do they not disappoint. To the surprise of absolutely nobody Robert Pattinson is incredible here, stealing the movie with his limited screentime. But it was a surprise to see Tom Holland delivering such a good performance in a heavy, dramatic role, it was nice to see him try his hand at something like this and perform to the degree he did. The other surprise for me was Harry Melling, again doing some great work in the little time he gets with a couple of standout scenes, he has really transformed himself into a solid character actor since Harry Potter and it’s great to see. Also Jason Clarke continues to cement himself as cinema’s greatest cuck, so good for him I guess...?

I think there is a lot to take away from this film, heavy themes of religious fanaticism and the dangers that come with the devout, god-fearing lifestyle of the characters. Everyone is punished in some way or another for their extreme and unconditional faith in God or religion, leading to some incredibly distressing sequences and events, so I guess the Devil really is ALL the time...

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