Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

Director David Fincher returns to our screens with the writer of the novel/screenplay Gillian Flynn that have truly delivered, an outstanding edge grabbing mystery thriller called “Gone Girl” it’s tense, hilarious, dark natured and haunting. The best way to compare the film is American Psycho meets Prisoners; it’s beautifully filmed and composed, I never felt bored the long runtime of nearly three hours. The casting portrayals was spot on from the book with Ben Affleck, proving himself once again from being Oscar winner director to a well-acted performer that nailed character ark, playing this husband, who becomes the focus of media circus and dealing with the challenges of the disappearance of his wife. But hands down the spotlight and show stealer goes to Rosamund Pike which is a revelation role for her. The film plays on the ideas on media and how that affect people’s portrayal in public eye, even being hated or loved, plus touches on the themes of relationships and how well can you really know a person.

It’s one of the best films of the year and truly is must see for everybody.

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