The Sacrament ★★★½

A better-than-average found footage movie, though having one made by a director I'm fond of, one who has demonstrated a more classical style in his last two features, only serves to underline the limitations of the form. There are moments towards the end of the film where Ti West uses the camera ingeniously to imply violence in disturbing ways, only to have the filmmaker protagonists turn around and give us a much more blunt view of the carnage in a way that feels more like executive producer Eli Roth than Ti West. It might be West's way of subtly showing us how less is more, or it might just be part of the pretense that the main characters are shooting a Vice special. Either way, it's an interesting experiment that made me look forward to West getting back to normal (and with a western, too!). It's an effective and sometimes disturbing movie, though - I'm not sure I needed a fictional Guyana movie, but at least The Sacrament delivers on that promise. Gene Jones makes a good Jim Jones, though, and Amy Seimetz is terrific (as she always is).

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