Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The first real, complete cinematic contribution to the Star War canon post-Lucas. Johnson's script is felt in a way few, if any, films from this legasequel era of Hollywood can lay claim to. This film doesn't simply rephrase or remix; it responds, it interrogates, it reflects.

Miraculously, it succeeds both as an inheritor of the Lucas legacy and as a sequel to the incredibly incongruous Force Awakens, taking everything that film established about its characters to heart and blossoming them into a narrative that finally feels at home in the Star Wars universe.

Johnson and Yedlin's photography here is remarkable. Though I'd argue that Solo remains the series most aesthetically flawless entry (god bless Bradford Young), Last Jedi boasts the strongest visual storytelling. The movement and compositions are considered and focused, straddling the more active style established under Abrams with the more formal, restrained approach from the original six. A totally organic vision.

This is a great film. One of the very best blockbusters of the decade and, against all odds given the poor hand it was dealt, a fantastic sequel. It's unlikely that Star Wars will ever reach this peak again, but I will be grateful for the revival of the series if only due to the creation of this specific work.

Stands tall amongst the best of the entire saga. It may not be the pinnacle for me, personally, but it's pretty damn close.


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