Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Maybe I’ll write about this properly some time.

Still an incredibly slippery one, even when it seems to be countering itself at every angle and seems to be explicating everything in neon. I’m not sure if the creators are on the record as calling this a rape-revenge film because Promising Young Woman very specifically reads to be like a tale of unceasing guilt. At every turn Cassie throws herself into danger as a way of coping with her guilt over survival. The carelessness. The insouciance. The ambivalence. It’s all there. It’s hard not to read her plans as a sign of the filmmaker’s own argument about the “right” response to rape culture. But that feels so reductive. This is a very specific tale of a very specific woman traumatised by her past and her guilt who commits to the awfulness of the world by just asking to be heard. That’s all she wants really. Just to hear the words that can make things better. But those words don’t exist. Hence the ambivalence of images. 

I’ll return to this again, probably.

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