Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★½

Here’s some of that “content” that you ordered. 

From the very first sound cue it betrays its tiring and tiresome inclination to undercut any semblance of emotional resonance with an exhausting jocularity or glibness. It’s all so aggressively bland that Tom Holland’s natural charm is almost dulled here, given little chance to be loose or spontaneous or emotive or moving. Instead, the movie is working just to get us the point of that mid-credit scene to justify the next instalment. Everything else just feels perfunctory except for Gyllenhaal who’s in his own movie somewhere. Not necessarily a great one, but compelling enough that he makes that nonsense mid-film monologue into something almost bearable. Almost. 

Sure, it goes down easy and is not a chore to watch but it left me feeling a bit hopeless at the end of it all.  Far from home, but not far from the shallow.

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