The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch ★★★

TIFF 19 Screening #5

A sprawling rumination on familial loss and the trauma we carry around, physically and emotionally. The painting at the center of the film becomes a metaphor for this affliction but it hinders the narrative's core at times: is this a thriller about a lost work of art or a painful drama about death and recovery? It tries to be both and is tonally uneven as a result. I can only imagine that the book was more adept at handling the narrative shifts. This is not to say there aren't wonderful aspects to this: the performances (Nicole's eyes carry the world, Paulson's nails have their own zip code) are uniformly excellent, Roger Deakins' cinematography is starkly gorgeous, and there are some distinct needle drops. Will return to it again.

@ Elgin Theatre. Toronto, ON.

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