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  • Dracula's Daughter

    Dracula's Daughter


    I was digging Dracula's Daughter a lot in the first half. Dracula is a deadass corpse. Van Helsing is seen as an insane murderer and meanwhile a mysterious lady who gives you that WEIRD FEELING is thinking that maybe Dracula's death will set her free. FAT LUCK.

    Anyway, Van Helsing employs the barrister services of a former student of his, a playboy. And a playboy in the weird 1930s sense. That is a short, skinny balding guy who hates women…

  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    I've liked a lot of the Southern fried crime trash that've come out lately. Killer Joe and The Paperboy rock. The Devil All the Time is more like a ponderous meditation on humanity's capacity for evil or some other bullshit. In short, it's just okay.

    Pennywise is fresh back from WWII where he put a bullet in his crucified friend's head. He spawns Spiderman who is sweet on a girl who is being preyed on by Batman. Uhhhhh, Riley Keough…

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  • Carmencita



    Did you know the first woman to star in a film was a Latina? Neither did I.

    Carmen does a nice little Spanish dance with plenty of arm waving and feet kicking.

  • The White Helmets

    The White Helmets


    Piece of shit imperialist agit prop that fails at even being compelling propaganda.

    The White Helmets are not good people. They are largely responsible for our idiotic political leaders and media cretins advocating for war in Syria for the past few years. Here they are presented as tailors, blacksmiths and builders who just want to save lives. In reality they are the Western backed Sunni extremist allied information arm of the latest iteration of the butchers on 9/11/01. How swindled…