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  • Leviathan



    Leviathan plays out like theater – the drama is so tangible and the deep insanity and emotions within the characters feel almost Shakespearean. Of course, the movie has many faults and I am in no way comparing it to Shakespeare in its brilliance, but within a few minutes of watching, I think you will see exactly what I’m getting at. Every line that these family members speak to one another feels tinged with some hidden emotion specifically built from their…

  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    Late Spring may be one of the simplest and most subtle films that managed to evoke this much emotion from me. It is a tale about Noriko, a 27-year old who lives with and cares for her father. The people around her insist that it is time she gets married and moves out while she holds onto the life she currently lives.

    The movie builds the relationships between the characters and falsely leads us to believe in their unbreakable happiness.…

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  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    When film and literature tackle the theme of death anxiety it is usually done indirectly. For example, the director sometimes creates characters paranoid of something more tangible, or observes the struggle of questioning religion and an afterlife without ever explicitly stating that they are scared of dying. But every so often, directors such as Bergman or Kaufman (and authors like DeLillo and Roth) bravely tackle the underlying theme head-on. It is because of these artists that we have some of…

  • Drive



    Drive is such a fun and beautiful movie to watch. The shots and lighting are clearly directed by an expert, the music choices are all pretty much perfect, and the movie is simply exciting. But when it comes to writing, there is nothing to even talk about. The stoic, emotionless protagonist may have been written as such to force us to focus on the events and people around him, but these events and people are unoriginal and underdeveloped. The plot…