Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★

it's hard to put this movie into words. it's unlike any movie i've ever seen and that i probably ever will see. it really does feel like it's packed with everything. there are countless references, insane action sequences, hilarious jokes, unique sci fi concepts, and plenty more, and all of those things are stuffed into an insanely absurd nihilism-tackling package. in theory a movie like this should be right up my alley, and don't get me wrong i think it's great, but for whatever reason this movie didn't really hit me the way i expected it to. i'm not really sure i can pinpoint what about it didn't click with me. i had a good time while watching but i never felt like i was fully invested. and maybe i'm in the minority here, but afterwords i somehow felt worse about life and well... everything. maybe it comes with the reputation this movie's gained in such a short time, and it's just another case of my expectations for a movie being too high to reach. it's been impossible to avoid the amazing reviews this has been getting. the number 1 spot on the top 250 narrative list is no small feat. but after seeing it i'm very surprised it's continued to hold that spot, only because i wouldn't expect the absolutely insanity of this movie to be palatable for so many people. but i digress, this has some great performances, awesome cinematography, unique storytelling, crazy visual effects, extreme attention to detail and a lot more. there's plenty to praise about this and i think everyone should check it out

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