Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

The tragedy of this triumvirate left me trembling.

I had honestly never appreciated this film before. I was a naive teenager when I first saw it... telling that it took me becoming an isolated fatalist to realize that this film is more than a masterpiece; it's a metaphor for far too many who've been cast aside and forgotten, treated like they never needed to exist (the Alice Guy Blaches', the Orson Welles', the Preston Sturgesses... the Erich Von Stroheims), artists who cared about their passion, their love for the wonder of a new medium, more than almost anything else. Assuredly far more than all those suits groping women who only care about one thing: turning a profit.


"I am big... it's the pictures that got small." - Norma Desmond

I've become a Norma Desmond... only while she describes talkies, I'm prone to rant about Netflix. But it's scary how these things directly correlate. And - even more bone chilling - it's because she's so true to herself that she's become an isolationist, developing severe mental health problems as a result. Of course, half my class was snickering at her; walking out of the theater.

"I hadn't worked in a studio for a long time. So I sat there grinding out original stories, two a week. Only I seemed to have lost my touch. Maybe they weren't original. Maybe they were too original. All I know is they didn't sell." - Joe Gillis

Like Joe, I love the movies, and am "Nobody important, really. Just a writer." A writer who now considers screenwriting less than half of an art form; having grown bitter from my personal experiences. *cough* Allan Loeb *cough* I don't care about any aspect of my writing now other than; am I happy and proud of this story? If you're thinking about anything else; maybe ask yourself why you're really doing it.

"I cannot let her be destroyed... It was I who asked to come back, humiliating as that sounds. I could have gone on with my career, only I found everything unendurable after she divorced me." - Max Von Mayerling

And Max is the part of me that wonders if I'd still feel the drive to direct, had my spirit not left my body without my heart's knowledge, when my father passed, and then... so soon after... met my Norma/Betty. Now... here I am... entangled in a grief cycle I can't seem to break out of.


When Edison's Trust and the early horizontally/vertically integrated production companies tried to turn the film market into a monopoly - about a hundred years ago - the government had to step in. An oligopoly formed instead. I think about Disney and that Fox merger... the Netflix/HBO/Amazon arms race of copycat content. Right now... all this is happening all over again. The only thing that's changed... some of the names.

Sunset Blvd means so much more, is so much more, than merely a wide open space ideal for housing a new marketplace.

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