The Brown Bunny ★★★★★

Simply one of the most affecting and moving films I've ever seen. The Brown Bunny charts an internal odyssey of isolation and loneliness, and in doing so allows us to live the almost unbearable pain vicariously through the protagonist. There are plenty of movies concerned with a ghost story, but this one is my favourite. There's an otherworldly and surreal quality that pervades the frame; every scene feels haunted by some kind of unspoken melancholy and feeling of being lost. What has been lost is a great love and feeling for another human being, as is revealed toward the end of the film, which provides a great deal of context for the haunting journey that comes before it. I think essentially what The Brown Bunny is about, is the attempt to recapture that feeling and knowing it will fail. No kiss will ever feel the same, no body as comforting, and the journey between these attempts to feel again is a wide and open road, unfolding endlessly in front of you. Something that struck me this time was to wonder if this is really the first time Bud has experienced the journey to find Daisy, or if he feels doomed to wander the country in a forgetful daze forever, each time coming to a confrontation that shakes him deeply, before repeating the cycle of his own personal agony as the only means to recapture Daisy. Surely one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated American films of this century.

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