Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

♫WATCH OUT! You might get what you're after ...COOL BABIES! Strange but not a stranger...♫

Remember that funny film (almost a classic) called '13 Going on 30' from 2004, when that smart cool kid plays a mixtape with 'Burning down the house' by the Talking Heads and starts dancing in a very genius and awesome way!?!?! Well, do you!?

I've been doing that dancing since I watched that film back in the noughties everytime I listen to whatever funky song by the Talking Heads is played, it doesn’t matter where I am know once I heard them I feel it! Funny fact, I even had used that dance move but more rapidly to open the mosh pit up at some rock shows, trust me, is the best way. lol.

I like the Talking Heads so much, I wouldn't consider myself a fan or something since the band disbanded many many years ago, but I've listened to all their albums and I can easily see the influence they made on many of the most recent bands I listen.

I've been wanting to watch this film for a long time and I've been in a lot or rock shows and concerts and I've also watched many more live presentations on tv but somehow this one from the Talking Heads is really special.

Starting with the setup of the stage, the slowly introduction of the band, their songs with those arrangements with the 9 members involve, the theatrical it can be the show, the dancing moves from all, the lights and the audio, everything is great!.

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