Nope ★★★★


-Hey! Stop talking in front of the Universal logo!

Part 1: The Uneven Jordan Peele

I find Jordan Peele to be a fascinating director even as uneven as he is. And Nope is somehow his most fascinating film. I'll admit that as much as I liked the anti-White liberal sentiment in Get Out, I found that it shot itself in the foot too often. Nope keeps this to a minimum in regards to the protagonist's name Otis Junior. I bet you can't guess what his initials are! *canned laughter* In all seriousness, Us was actually really good. It felt like one big classic Universal horror movie. Which brings me to Nope. I watched the Blu-Ray version of this. You know, the one with the select IMAX scenes. And I gotta say, it brought something new to this.

Part 2: A Spectacle

Nahum tells of the destruction of Nineveh. Spoilers for Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie 2. The IMAX scenes in this are meant to be the "spectacle" scenes, such as including but not limited to; the intertitles, the Gordy's Home incident, the Star Lasso Experience sequence, and the finale. The remaining scenes are shot in the 70mm format of 2:20:1.

Part 3: The Eaduard Muybridge Film

In 1878, Eaduard Muybridge filmed a Black man riding a horse. This would go on to be the first motion picture. In Nope, the Black man was Alistair Haywood, whose family would go on to start Haywood's Hollywood Horses, an animal wrangling company that loans livestock to the studios. The Haywood family's patriarch has died in an accident involving a "UAP." Six months have passed and the UAP is striking again. Now it is up to OJ and his sister to discover what's been going on with the UAP.

Part 4: "Don't mess with Jupiter's Claim" and "Gordy's Home!"

Child star "Jupe" from Gordy's Home has made a profitable career out of his own Western-style theme park. But what no one knows is that he is about to put on a show and have the UAP suck everyone and everything inside. Jupe has been traumatized by the Gordy's Home incident that killed and/or seriously injured his costars. Gordy the chimp wasn't scared of Jupe even when Gordy was spooked by the balloon. Until of course Gordy got shot and killed.


Part 5: "Trained animals can be unpredictable."

Nobody knows what a UAP is. But Jupe seems to think it's an animal to play around with like Gordy was. There, I have devised a thematic explanation for why we had those violent scenes with the chimp. True to history, never work with children or animals. And make no mistake, Jean Jacket is a wild animal hellbent on taking everything and everyone. What Jordan Peele is doing goes back to King Kong. Nope also happens to be a cautionary tale about spectacle for a cheap buck. Now what I failed to mention was that Jean Jacket is not just a flying saucer, but an actual alien.

Part 6: Fallen Angels

Ever watched Neon Genesis Evangelion? Jean Jacket is a fallen angel cast out of Heaven to become a minor celebrity that turns on its worldly master and kills whoever it sees regardless of ethnicity, color, or creed. Jean Jacket defecates its kills on peoples' houses, hence the "vile filth" part of Nahum 3:6. Our protagonists make a plan to defeat this giant alien predator by doing what they do best: Filming.

Part 7: Epilogue

It's still really, really good. And it teaches the most important lesson: Hollywood is run by greedy, exploitive showmen, and when in doubt, use computer animation or puppets. Jordan Peele dials back the lefty political rambling and his best traits shine through. But I will say that nothing can beat seeing something like the 29-minute Gordy/Star Lasso/Blood Rain triptych in a movie theater.

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