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This review may contain spoilers.

POV: You're at a party and I attempt to explain why this short-film is a masterpiece and why you should totally check it out. To me, this micro-movie is about our desperation for blissful happiness and the self destructive ways we attempt to obtain it. Each member of the family is lost in their own obsessions may it be entertainment, appearance or drugs. They all want an escape, including Claire who dreams of a better life as Opal. Ironically, their harmful pursuits of escape are what drive Claire further into the attic where her own delusions lie, showing the continuous cycle of abuse. In the end it's shown that they all want the same escape that Claire does, but as the mother says "You're just as powerless as I am". They envy her childlike innocence unaware that their influence is breaking it apart. I think this short is FUCKING AMAZING and am convinced this may be Staubers best work yet. The tunes bop, the moshy editing is delightful and the aesthetics feed into the themes which feed back around to the aesthetics again. I just, love it.