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This review may contain spoilers.

Spoilers for this and No Time to Die

The whole office goes up in smoke and that bloody thing survives.

Your interior decorating tips have always been appreciated, 007.

So my two favorite Bond films feature James Bond dying... huh.
Skyfall... it's incredible. Sam Mendes has proved time and time again that he knows how to raise tension. From presumably killing Bond to actually killing M, we're constantly left unsure as to where the film is going, and I love that. Javier Bardem is such a great villain, he's intimidating and creepy, and such a memorable one at that. I would've loved to see Ralph Fiennes play a villain in one of these, but he is a pretty good replacement for M, which really does show how good an actor he is.
It's really good cinematography wise, too. While I wouldn't say it's the best of the ones I've seen (surprising, Spectre likely gets that title), but Mendes obviously knows how to make a film look good.
Between all the fantastic stunts and serious emotion, Skyfall is easily my favorite 007 movie yet. Sometimes the old ways are the best, but other times a new one like this is the way to go.

Also this has the best Bond song

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