The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections ★★★★½

might get into this more in a spoiler review tomorrow or something but for now i'll just say that goddamn i loved this fucking movie.

i'm deducting half-a-star because the action scenes weren't up to the standards of the original(s) imo, and for some logical flaws (i think, anyway) that i don't REALLY care about but need to acknowledge i guess..

random thoughts:

i never in my life thought i would enjoy seeing that chatty motherfucker the merovingian again, but boy was i wrong. just an amazing and hilarious turn by lambert wilson. (and neo's response to seeing him made me lol)

i would gladly watch a tv series about the employees of the video game company

jessica henwick was fantastic

jonathan groff must have had an absolute BLAST making this, and i wanted more of him. probably my favorite performance in the film

i gather that it's kind of de rigueur to hate on neil patrick harris now, though i'm not sure why, and i thought he was terrific

yahya abdul-mateen did a fine job but man i would've loved to have seen fishburne in this world again

between this and yellowjackets it's really nice to see christina ricci having a moment again

and lastly:


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