Midsommar ★★★★

Okay class what’s worse than a straight white male?? That’s right it’s a staight white male GRAD STUDENT!!!
This movie is twice as inscrutable as Hereditary, but it’s about stupid Americans and not a mother’s grief so it might balance out in terms of audience appeal?  Most modern movies have conditioned us to ask who a movie is for, and while that is an important question to consider, it is not the most important part of making a movie!  

This movie feels more like a completed work of art than anything else, which is to say that everyone’s experience will vary depending on how they’re coming to it.  Even people who walk out thinking it’s the worst movie of the year will be having that feeling in a very visceral fashion.
Child Star McEyebrows (who is quite good in this) is correct when he says that ticks fucking suck!
Thus far, this is my best actress pick for the year.  Pugh has to do so much incredible nonverbal acting here.

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