Starry Eyes ★★★½

I felt a lot during the duration of this film. The primal message was clear, but there was also a lot to unravel under the surface. Unfortunately, it’s too hard to focus on the message when you’re bombarded the film’s downfall. It traps itself in a tornado of techno style music that ruins the last 30 minutes. The director’s vision was clearly inspired Aronofsky and films of that nature, but with 2014 being the year of horror movies experimenting with metaphors and meaning, it strays away from other directors’ shadows and comes into its own. I did enjoy this film for the most part, I just wish the ending was tweaked. Things would’ve been so much better without the royalty free music blasting in my ears. Subtracting that away from the rest of the film, this was pretty solid. It did a great job at making me want to leave the room many times, and I just found this to be overall really decent.

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