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  • Southland Tales

    Southland Tales

    I have zero doubts about the fact that I've seen this film more times than anyone else who is reading this. Haven't revisited in years and realized this is my first time logging it on this site so I'm going to tell a story!

    The year is 2006. I'm a 14 year old in the closet white boy living in rural Alabama with very few friends. Stuck in a high school where I am bullied relentlessly daily. It is no…

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  • Braindead


    Long ass plane ride film fest #5 (the finale)

    God this is so good. The gore is just right and everyone looks like they're having a great time.

  • Foxcatcher


    Long ass plane ride film fest #4

    I'd been putting this one off because I knew that I would struggle with it. Just so aggressively unpleasant. That's the intention and there's no denying they did what they wanted to do and all of the performances are stellar. But damn. Not really "enjoyable" for me. And I really like super dark movies. This one is just so awkward and tough and the story is so frustrating on so many levels. Not…

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