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This review may contain spoilers.

Second viewing. I feel sorry for anyone that’s gonna lazily brush this off as “weird for the sake of weird” when there’s such a clear intention with every universe, every version, that’s all working together to tell what is at the end of the day a pretty universal story. No matter how madcap a scene is every single one has a purpose, a through line that in the moment tells a joke but in the grand spectrum of the movie works to tell us something about the character’s desires, shortcomings, insecurities, nihilism, or humanity. Nothing matters and everything matters. 

And I get so excited by directors that come up through music videos because by the time they go from short vignettes to an evening of storytelling they’ve honed that skill to tell a story - a VISUAL story - in a unique way that captures your attention. Whenever someone asks me what makes a great film I give the simple answer of ‘that perfect combination of aesthetic and emotion’. Everything Everywhere All At Once is that combo.

Please go see it this weekend, or if/when it comes to a theater near you. This is an experience worthy of seeing on a big screen with other laughing crying gasping humans. If you’ve ever complained about the drudge of sequels & superheroes at the box office, or how ‘nobody makes original movies anymore’, vote with your wallet and say ‘we want more of this!’

Edit: marking as spoiler for a brilliant observation my friend’s friend had: the bagel is the inverse of the googly eye! 🥯 👀

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