Favorite films

  • Taboo
  • Perfect Blue
  • Stalker
  • Our Little Sister

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  • Cape Fear


  • The Night of the Hunter


  • Sleeping with Other People


  • Laggies


Recent reviews

  • Beneath the Shadow

    Beneath the Shadow


    Relatively slow, meandering, and aimless without the benefits of being exceptionally poetic or building up anything consequential. However, Beneath the Shadow certainly has its own charm and ambiance, which worked its particular magic on me enough to get me to complete a 2 hour movie late at night when I should have been asleep. The acting really sells it for me: Ayano and Matsuda just kill their respective roles.

  • Teknolust



    Make me look like Björk. 

    Essential viewing for anyone inclined towards slightly stilted, technologically-speculative turn-of-the-millennium era cinema. Teknolust is imbued throughout with an intrinsic sweetness those other films tend to avoid. Casting Tilda Swinton as emotionally-distinct clones is ingenious because her face changes entirely with a mere change of hairstyle.

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