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  • Moonlight



    maybe one day I will find a way to explain what I feel when I watch this film

  • The Incredible Jessica James

    The Incredible Jessica James


    This movie is really hard on my bi ass.
    I love Jessica Williams!
    I love Lakeith Stanfield!

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  • Black Peter

    Black Peter


    this is just so much fun. Maybe not for everyone but certainly a lot of fun for me

  • Ydessa, the Bears and etc.

    Ydessa, the Bears and etc.

    I could listen to agnes varda talking about anything because she looks at the world with such wonder that everything she focuses on becomes the most fascinating thing you've ever seen. whether it's gleaners, neo-classical statues, her own uncle or teddy bear photographs she makes it all seem so fascinating. I bet she could create a poetry out of my shopping list tbh.

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  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away


    After I donated blood and then fainted in the metro I thought this would be a nice movie to watch when you need to rest

  • The Door

    The Door


    I know this is like girls supporting girls sort of thing but all I kept thinking was GAY!