Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ★★★★★

what do you want me to say? that you helped with the catchphrase verse? is that what this is still about? fine, you helped with the catchphrase verse, all right? you happy? all right, and you wrote most of it, but using my catchphrases... that you also co-wrote... all right, wrote, but we were both in the room and i dictated all the best stuff... all right, none of the best stuff, dude, but i had tons of great ideas that i still don't even know why you didn't use them... BECAUSE THEY SUCKED!! okay, fine. that's my bad.. BUT I WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME, MAN i was a little late. i was a little late that day. there was traffic, and i was a little tardy on that particular day. there was no traffic. i lied about that. i lied about it because i overslept on accident. it was on purporse. it was a power move. I WAS TRYING TO SEND A MESSAGE. AND THAT WAS A DICK MOVE ON MY PART ALL RIGHT? HOWEVER, ONCE I GOT THERE, LATE, i put in time, okay? i left a little early. i remember that. i was never there. now, i remember. I REMEMBER NOW WHAT HAPPENED!!

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