Room ★★★★½

There are times when a news story comes along, and you think how would I handle that event?... ROOM delivers a knockout punch to the gut with a haunting performance by Jacob Tremblay as a 5 year old victim of a tragic and life altering event by circumstance thru mother( Brie Larson).
ROOM is a film which will leave you reeling at the two lead performances... Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay both deliver in my opinion the two best dramatic performances of the year. This film is special in the sense it celebrates life which comes about through such a disturbing act perpetrated off screen 5 years prior, and it leaves you the viewer asking yourself ..."How would I cope if..."
With such a small film in a very big year of "event films", it's a blessing; this film is getting all the accolades it so rightfully deserves, and Tremblay is a major key to the films powerful punch. It is one of the years best films in my opinion, if not the best.