Upgrade ★★★★½

This was so unbelievably awesome! Like "Robocop" met "Total Recall" and they just had a blast together.

I really mean it, this felt as something Paul Verhoen could have made back in the days, both in terms of pacing, violence and thematic weight. It is character driven through and through, and it manages to perfectly blend an allegory of enstrangement to our selves and our world because of technology into its main and wacky sci-fi premise of a man being implanted with a literal super computer. Besides horror, that is actually the best contender for what kind of movies, I love more than anything!

I was enthralled and excited all the way through. Every scene bursts with energy and the movie never drags. It is extremely well-directed and even accompanied by a soundtrack that is both as energetic and as brutal as the numerous gore scenes. Damn this movie was awesome!!

Don't question if you should watch it - just do it!