After Hours

After Hours ★★★★

What a strange outlier in Scorsese's career, and also simultaneously NOT an outlier. But it's funny to imagine what a different filmmaker in the same era would make of the same script... I imagine it'd be something wackier rather than darkly comedic, less a nocturnal demimonde of the horny-on-main in NYC than a slapstick or antic gag-fest. But, Scorsese being Scorsese, he takes the material and turns it into a purgatory of bad decisions and worse violations of the social code (from almost everyone involved) than you'd see on a peak Curb Your Enthusiasm. That show kept coming to mind, but in a strange cross with one of those Twilight Zone episode where the Zone's sense of justice feels almost more sadistic than earned. Almost. In any case, everyone here is on top form and the thing almost never slows down once it gets going (it's a Schoonmaker master class, to be honest). And is STILL the closest thing to a straight comedy Marty's ever done (hence my calling it a strange outlier) despite still being about a lonely, desperate New Yorker getting in over his head (hence NOT an outlier).

Mostly I'm just mad I waited this long to see it.

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