The Idle Class

The Idle Class ★★½

Sadly succumbs to gags based on what I just praised Chaplin for (him escaping scrapes that he accidentally finds himself in as opposed to ones that he helps to facilitate), and, therefore, lacks some of the enjoyable scheming that his other films have provided for me, entertainment wise. I also have a personal issue with people getting stuck in things (n this case, a knight's armor). I get very anxious when I can't remove my shoes, so this type of gag never brings me delight, just makes me uneasy. But that's entirely about me, no one else.

While this doesn't hit quite the notes that the Chaplins I prefer so far have, the gag with the sleeping bum who seems to provide a near endless series of golf balls was hilarious.

Also, we're all agreed that the father-in-law straight up murdered those other people, right?

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