Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

I just realized: I don't give a damn about those old and upcoming superhero films from Marvel and DC. People were so hyped up to see them and it made me believe that I should be too. But they're just boring. It's not for me. I even tried to read comics but it wasn't for me either. It upset me now that I forced myself to like superheroes to notice now they mean nothing to myself. It's not a big deal, yes, but I've tried so hard to geek over these films... I don't know why I'm like this now.

Thor is my favorite hero along with Spider-Man. My late dad was part of my worship for the God of Thunder. I used to see him as a role model as a kid and had all his merch back those days. His films were part of my childhood, his dark films with a darkened cinematography except for this one. This one where Loki was sort of the center of attention and I didn't expect that. This one where women kicked so many asses. This one where Thor isn't so ugly like before (and I am very sorry to say that) but at least with that haircut and well made eyebrows he's more good-looking now...

Point is, I grew up with the Thor trilogy and I'm going to miss it. Again, it was part of my childhood, but it's over now as I'm not a child anymore. Sounds silly. And a reminder (one of the reasons I adore Thor): he's the God of Thunder, yes, not Hammers, therefore his powers are drawn to thunders. He's not nothing without the hammer, even though he's stronger with Mjolnir. Everybody should know that!

What a way to end Thor: a female villain with a film filled with bright colors resulting in a gorgeous cinematography surrounded with humor. Loki was one of the best and funniest things here and the excluded brother, I'm glad now he's found his way.

With that being said, Goodbye Asgard. Goodbye Thor's eye. Goodbye Hela (you deserved better, and in my opinion, Asgard too). Goodbye Loki. Goodbye Thor. [sobbing in farewell]

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