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  • Creed



    Bumped it up to the full 5 stars this time.

    An absolutely masterful examination of RACE, primarily in the subversion of the original film's "great white hope" narrative; MASCULINITY, specifically in its association with violence; IDENTITY, particularly in the significance of names; FAMILY, especially in terms of constructed bonds; and LEGACY, essentially in its relationship to death. And what's even more brilliant is not just the exploration of each of these themes individually, but how all of them overlap and…

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    I figured a second viewing was necessary to cement my feelings. I was right, but what it cemented was still a profound ambivalence.

    To begin with, I have to admit that this film is endlessly fascinating to me on a metatextual level. I'm considering the irony of Rick Dalton's lamentable villain roles against Quentin Tarantino's own gallery of iconic villains; I'm examining the correlation between Cliff Booth and QT's other stuntman-turned-unproven-woman-killer Stuntman Mike; I'm pondering the significance of Uma Thurman's…

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  • Creed



    The perfect film for a Juneteenth Father's Day.

  • Emma



    As charming, playful, and mocking as any great Austen adaptation should be; but there is also a permeating sadness here that I find incredibly perceptive and poignant. Grief, loneliness, heartbreak, and shame, all taken as seriously as the delightful social satire.

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  • 28 Days Later

    28 Days Later


    Hoop-Tober 2.0 Film #3

    "I promised them women."

    Quite possibly the most terrifying sentence I have ever heard in a film. And that is why I love horror movies like this -- because the true horror lies not in what the monsters do to people, but in what normal people choose to do to each other. After all, the infection here is just that: a disease. It has no agency, no motive. But people do. They choose to deceive, to…

  • Deadpool



    Yes, it's violent and vulgar, but it's not nearly as clever or revolutionary as it seems to think it is. I think if a movie wants to subvert tropes, it should actually, you know, SUBVERT them, not just call attention to its own use of them ('Look, we've got a hot damsel in distress!' 'Look, we've got a generic British villain!' 'Look, we've got a superhero landing!' etc). Also, I guess I just don't find dick jokes as funny as everyone else does apparently.