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  • School Teacher in the House

    School Teacher in the House


    Alvaro Vitali is possibly the ugliest man ever.

    I’ll log this movie even if I didn’t finished it.
    Sorry. Too much.

  • Time of Indifference

    Time of Indifference


    Sono la prima ad aver fatto una review per questo film...

    ...e basta, questa è la mia review.

  • Boccaccio '70

    Boccaccio '70


    Bello bello bello!!!!!

  • The Consequences of Love

    The Consequences of Love


    How capturing is to see places so familiar, places where I laughed and walked, all portrayed in a movie.

  • Il tesoro della foresta pietrificata

    Il tesoro della foresta pietrificata


    Film polpettone, costumi ridicoli.

    Lato positivo: intro di Wagner “cavalcata delle valchirie”.

  • Hannah and Her Sisters

    Hannah and Her Sisters



  • Anything Else

    Anything Else


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Woody Allen having meaningful bho-hoo talks about nazi-phobia and psychoanalysis and diy sex fantasies with Sophia Loren and Marylin Monroe, with Jason/Woody Allen/Biggs,
    all in a Woody Allen’s movie about banging Cristina’s Ricci insecurity and flat cheating white ass.

    Very enjoyable.

  • Eat Pray Love

    Eat Pray Love


    I like this movie. Ok?
    It’s not a masterpiece, not even far considerable to the movies I do really like, but hey, it makes me happy in a certain way and so, fuck it. I like it.

  • Il Sorpasso

    Il Sorpasso


    Please take note; I’ve seen it in the 15th August (Ferragosto) and it’s strictly forbidden to see this movie in any other day of the year.

  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night



  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes


    Hypnotic, tremendous and incredibly charming.

  • The Zero Theorem

    The Zero Theorem


    The life of Lex Luthor after Smallville