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  • The Half of It

    The Half of It


    felt way too long and when I was finished I could recall absolutely nothing. an average Netflix film, I was expecting a little more though simply based on the filter used (made it seem more put together). felt neatly messy (in a bad way)? should've been a tv show or just not be made at all! i'm so mean omg but I just did not enjoy! The theme about love and the whole speech about it just kept progressing into "deep" words that lost their meaning in a pile of just straight up slop to the point where I didn't understand what was even going on.

  • Sleepover



    Typical 2000s movie??? mean blonde girls?? way too much lipgloss??Alexa PenaVega (SPY KIDS!), Jane Lynch (SUE ON GLEE), Sara Paxton (AQUAMARINE), Brie Larson (yeah, CAPTAIN MARVEL), Steve Carell (STEVE CARELL) Evan Peters (WHITE BOY OF THE YEAR)??? yeah. I can't believe I never watched this movie until today- I knew everything that was going to happen (it's your basic 2004 movie), but I was in love with every second. With the cast being PACKED,, the acting was you know.. bad…

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  • Midsommar



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    rewatched midsummer a few times and each watch I notice something new whether in the background or inside the characters. Ari Aster never fails. the research put into the gore is absolutely wild and improves the movie in a disgusting way. there's a ton of controversy if Dani is happy at the ending or just conditioned to the point where her mind is completely manipulated. Dani has lost so much- her whole family, "friends", boyfriend, she knows nothing and she…