No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★

I’ll be the first to admit that I have felt fucking starved for a new Bond movie and would have taken to anything new the way a child takes to a shiny toy so maybe my judgment is clouded but I kinda loved it??

It leans into a lot of the connected universe stuff that I’ve grown tired of but I think at this point they’ve painted themselves into a corner so they might as well paint their way out of it. The Craig era, for better or worse, is not like any other era and it makes sense to embrace that and give him a send off in a way that would never have worked for any other Bond. 

With that being said, I swear to god, if they do this shit with the next one I’ll lose it. This was the way to end it and now all I want is for the next Bond to just go on a mission. No revenge, no real personal stakes, no call backs to movies from 15 years ago. Just Bond doing his goddamn job. 

My other issue with the Mendes run is that they make Bond so world-weary and dejected — and, sure, maybe after however many years in the field it would weigh on him — but what No Time To Die gets right is that as much as Bond is tired and as much as he might sometimes want a way out, he fucking loves it, too. Deep down he loves this work and he loves destroying himself and I think here Craig gets to have fun with that. There’s a gusto to his performance that hasn’t been there since Casino Royale and I’ve missed it. 

Finally, I love that this plays the hits. I found the homages to Bond movies past worked for me, I liked the gadgets and wish there were more of them, and I love Bond and Felix. That’s really the part that got me more than anything else. 

I’m curious if this one will hold up on a second viewing but as of right now I might consider it my second favourite of the Craig movies.

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