Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★★

Only a few words pop into my mind, and I feel like I have to say them in french: Puissant, Poétique, Incroyable, Brut, Soigné, Incroyable (encore oui), Songé, Humain, Chef d'oeuvre... voilà.
I don't feel like I can make full sentences, so here's my little 'pitch' without anything redundant and full of waste. I still don't really know how I'm feeling, I just know I felt the power of a piece of art just as if I had just red Baudelaire or Rimbaud. Even if the style is pretty different, we still see a resemblance- with the symbols used to portrait a society and its way of living, its feelings, its true self denunciated by images, portraits, metaphors, irony...
This film is a long and beautiful visual poem.

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