Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★½

What is Gone Girl about? What should we take away from it?

Is it about the performative nature of relationships, how we try to be someone else for our partners, to the degree that being in love becomes an inherently dishonest act?

Is it about the media circus, trial by the court of public opinion, the modern day witch hunts where a guy is treated with a suspicion just for smiling awkwardly at a press conference?

Is about "Missing White Woman Syndrome", how wealthy, white, skinny, conventionally attractive women send society into a frenzy when they go missing, in ways that don't happen for less privileged missing persons?

Or, is it a misogynistic and misleading film about how the criminal justice system is skewed to deify women and crucify men at every turn? How women are psychotic, evil harpies who can easily get away with anything because society is always on their side?

Gone Girl is a disquieting experience, a pristinely made film where everything works well, yet I don't really know what it's trying to say. Love is fake? Journalists are vultures? Bitches be crazy? This film got under my skin, but once I was done I felt empty.

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